Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Obamacare on the ballot
Missouri voters give the administration a preview of what’s to come

MISSOURI—The Show Me State voters are showing the Obama administration just what they think of health care reform: it stinks. Two out of three voters went to the polls on August 2nd and cast a ballot for Proposition C, a proposition against allowing Obamacare into Missouri.

National polls conducted before and after the passage of health care reform showed the American people were not in favor of such a federal overhaul and reworking of the health care industry from private sector to pubic sector and democrats are poised to take an electoral punishment this November for doing so. The latest Real Clear Politics average shows 51.8 of Americans oppose and/or want to appeal Obamacare with just 37 percent approving. Rasumussen has a wider margin with 58 percent against and 37 for HCR.

Some twenty state’s attorney generals have filed challenges to the federal health care reform act and if ruled based on the Interstate clause of the Constitution, key provisions are likely to be struck down. The administration is arguing its not mandating buying coverage but levying a tax—some argument.  

So now we’re going to tax our way into prosperity by taxing health care?

-- Owen E. Richason IV
Chief Editor, Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama supporters stop blaming Bush, but Obama doesn’t
A recent poll shows Obama’s base are looking for that promised hope and change

WASHINGTON, DC—The don’t blame me president won’t welcome the latest round of polling that shows empirical proof his base is blaming him instead of the evil George W. Bush for the country’s woes. A Reuters-Ipsos poll shows support waning for the blame Bush strategy as voters feel its Obama’s turn to take responsibility for the direction of the country with a staggering 67 percent responding the president is not focused on the economy and joblessness.

Moreover, an AP-Univision poll finds that Hispanics are increasingly troubled by Obama’s lack of attention to their demographic, with 43 percent stating he is not meeting their needs

Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling notes, "A lot of these folks wouldn't like him no matter what, but I think the country has pretty much the same problems it did before Obama took office—at least that's how voters feel—and more and more that's becoming Obama's fault rather than Bush's fault."

The Reuters-Ipsos poll also found that only 34 percent approved of the one-time community organizer’s job, with 46 percent saying his performance was unsatisfactory. The overarching conclusion is with a year and a half in office, Obama should be taking responsibility instead of blaming the ghosts of president’s past.

-- Owen E. Richason IV
Chief Editor, Killswitch Politick