Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The climate’s new clothes

Climate scientists in Britain and America have been caught red-handed bragging about manipulating data, stonewalling peer-review, and going so far as to state if a FOI request is granted they’d just delete the incriminating files.

What is beginning to garner more press attention (though still largely being ignored by most of the mainstream media) is the newest and perhaps the largest fraud ever perpetrated, Climategate. A couple of weeks ago, hackers (or perhaps a whistleblower) pulled and posted scores of emails from serves at the University of East Anglia which has exposed a global scandal perpetrated by the very scientists who have been relied on to gauge the impact, if any, of anthropogenic global warming.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has called for a congressional investigation as the science behind climate change has cost millions of dollars in research and purports to cost billions thwart what the science predicts.

Then there is the matter of the Russian data not being included in reports given to the United Nation’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) because the findings did not bode well for the anthropogenic argument.

Yet off to Copenhagen world leaders gathered knowing full-well of the scientist’s manipulating of data and dumping original data so as not to be subject to FOIAs. The summit was lack-luster at best but should one be so inclined to ask in the light of this massive scandal, why would they be so anxious to enact Kyoto II? Surely with the science in question, responsible leaders would not want to commit monetary or other resources to an initiative whose very premise has been severely compromised?

As with most mysteries in politics, if one follows the money, you would arrive at the door of climate scientists who have gained much in grants and endowments, apparently by fraud. Yet that does not explain why those who hold the purse strings would willingly set-aside any pretense or skepticism – unless of course, you are looking beyond money and what it often affords those who possess it – control.

The motive then becomes clear; absent logic, absent anger, absent feeling betrayed, western leaders are simply looking for something more than the power their electorates have bestowed upon them, they are seeking to extend that power as much as possible.

-- Killswitch Politick

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