Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A hyper racially biased, post racial administration
Shirley Sherrod is indicative of a larger picture

WASHINGTON, DC—In a matter of hours, a low-level USDA administrator went from self professed racist to post racial epiphany, to class warfare advocate, to race baited victim, to a transcended racially biased government official.

When Andrew Breitbart posted video of Ms. Sherrod speaking to a local Georgia chapter of the NAACP confessing to a sympathetic audience she did not want to help a white farmer save his land, reaction from the White House via Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack was swift and decisive—she was forced out. But then more of the video came to light and it showed Ms. Sherrod to be speaking about an epiphany that it wasn’t about race it was about class and the “haves versus the have nots”—just shy of violating the Hatch Act which restricts federal employees from engaging in political activity while acting in their official capacity.

Upon learning this revelation, Vilsack offered to reinstate Sherrod and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said of the quick-draw firing of Ms. Sherrod:

"Members of this administration, members of the media, members of different political factions on both sides of this have all made determinations and judgments without a full set of facts. I think that is wholly and completely accurate. I think, without a doubt, Ms. Sherrod is owed an apology."

My beef is with what has not been dealt with or analyzed. And that is the Obama administration seems to have a penchant for racially biased socialists. If you listen to Sherrod’s remarks in their entirety, she clearly sees America through the prism of race and prescribes redistribution as the solution. 

-- Owen E. Richason IV
Chief Editor, Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

White liberals begin turning on Obama
A FOX News/Opinion Dynamics polls shows little hope for change

WASHINGTON, DC—President Obama lost moderate republicans shortly after his election; over the health care debate, he lost independents. Now he is losing white, liberal democrats. In a FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll, the agent of hope and change has lost 8 percent of liberal support in a single fortnight, dropping to 76 percent from 84 percent from the end of June to mid July.

Why the drop?

Over eighty-nine days of the worst environmental disaster in United States history and golf outing after golf outing comes to mind. Other reasons for the defections include isolating whites while going head-long for the Hispanic vote and failure to prosecute a very winnable voter intimidation case against black hate group members.

Now, couple that with steady high unemployment, not getting out of Iraq, not winning or leaving Afghanistan, not closing GITMO, not offering up cap-and-trade during the Gulf oil spill, not getting immigration reform when he had a sixty vote majority in the senate, not holding-on to Ted Kennedy’s seat, not being able to deliver on a plethora of other campaign promises and not paying attention to anyone that isn’t a minority—now that’s change white liberals can’t believe in.

-- Owen E. Richason IV
Chief Editor, Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Democrat governors caution administration over Arizona lawsuit
The New York Times reports legal action could cost the party in the fall

WASHINGTON, DC—According to a Sunday night headline on the Drudge Report in a private meeting with the White House, “Dem Govs Warn: Obama Lawsuit vs. AZ is ‘Toxic’”. KP is not surprised to learn the governors of several states are not in line with the administration’s legal challenge to the so-called controversial Arizona immigration enforcement law (nearly 60 percent of non-Arizonian’s support the bill and would like to see a similar bill in their state).

The challenge is bad politics from a strategy perspective because you can’t reach 70 percent Arizonian majority support without a substantial amount of Hispanics in agreement. Moreover, the move is too transparent to likely voters of all demographics, which looks like pure vote-pandering. But then again, most of what this administration has done and is doing is without majority support.

And the administration is completely aware of this. On Sunday, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told Meet the Press that republicans are likely to win control of the House. Which translate directly to a lame duck congress from November 2nd until January 20th of next year—a lame duck congress with nothing to loose and just enough time to ram through a more far left agenda.  

-- Owen E. Richason IV
Chief Editor, Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More trouble for Obama, dems—white voters leave
Amid jobless double dip recession, more voters turn away from democrat party

WASHINGTON, DC—A new Washington Post poll shows that white voters have begun a mass exodus from President Obama and the democrats by extension. According to the poll, white voter support has gone from north of 60 percent to just over 40 percent, the twenty-plus point drop occurring just four months prior to the November midterms and 79 percent of the 2006 midterm voters were whites.  2008’s presidential election was comprised of 74 percent of white voters as well.

That spells trouble with a capital “T” for the democrat majority in November, when voter turnout is already lower than on-year elections; the democrat’s strategy is to spend ten of millions of dollars to bolster turn out, a model borrowed from the stimulus package to create jobs (which cost approximately $700,000 per job created).

A democrat operative that tracks House races said of the erosion, "Since in the past House elections white voters tended to represent the independent vote, [the midterms] will surely be devastating for Democrats running in an election that will be a referendum on the Obama agenda."

White voters, along with independents and moderate democrats have been fleeing the Obama scene for weeks on end now, with the economy continuing to struggle, the jobless rate remaining high, the disaster in the Gulf, global economic decline, unchecked illegal immigration, and Afghanistan faltering, its no wonder polls are showing such attrition.

-- Owen E. Richason
Chief Editor, Killswitch Politick